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    SASA Impex
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    SASA Impex


Small size, light weight, can be programmed directly on the machine, the computer will also be converted to CAD files directly to the program files, U disk passed through the machine to achieve cutting. Integration of the alloy track, to ensure the accuracy of the whole system, to overcome the disadvantage of easy deformation of iron rail.


Model Type QY1560LC-F-1560
MAX.laser power 500w
Laser wave-length 1064nm
Cutting thickness ≤6mm
Min.ine width 0.10nm
Repeat position accuracy ±0.02mm
Pulse frequency 1-500HZ
working area 1500nmX6000nm
control system CNC
Positioning infrared
Total power consumed ≤7KW
Power supply 380v/50Hz/20A
Cooling mode water-cooling
Main parts size 7800mmX2600mmX1420mm
Cooling system size 474mmX574mmX805mm
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